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Our mission is to see the impacts of the righteousness of God that comes by faith in Christ Jesus finding tangible expressions in believers through conscious walk of faith. Diadem Church is a mountain of turn around; sent with illuminating teachings and the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit to empower people for all round profitable living by light.

Join us this Sunday and experience the presence of God in worship, revelation of His word and great wonders by His power.

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A Friendly and Welcoming Church

At Diadem the word of God is the ultimate measure and standard. We are committed to seeing the impacts thereof in our own lives, in our society, and the world at large.

About Diadem Church  

Diadem Church is the operational base for Diadem Ministries International. Diadem is sent with the word and enabling of God’s spirit to raise strong and impactful believers on mission for Christ. Living the very life of God profitably here on earth and pur[osefully for eternal reward. 

The word of God is thoroughly divided for your consumption and maximum spiritual experience; the move of the Holy Spirit is deep, tangible and genuine. Continous, forward and upward change of position in destiny walk with open right hand of fellowship make Diadem a sure home for members and an unforgettable experience for seekers.

Diadem Vision

Diadem Church is sent as a mountain of TURN AROUND, where the impacts of righteousness that comes through faith in Christ will always have tangible and positive manifestations by faith in the live of whosoever believes.
Isaiah 62:1-12; Romans 1:16-17.

Our Assignment

  To connect the unsaved to the saving power of God, through faith in Christ by preaching the gospel.

   To connect saints to the power of righteousness obtained through Christ, for maximum effect in all areas of life by revelation of the word of faith.

 We are sent to feed and tender the flock of Christ and nurture them in the word of faith, to the end that their faith will stand in the power of God and not stand the wisdom of men.

For Diadem Ministries, therefore:

•    We have been given the “Power-Gospel” to effect change unto salvation for sinners.
•    Effect continual positive changes in the lives of saints.
•    Emphasise the position of saints in Christ, the provisions of God through Christ, and his plan of goodwill for his people through Christ Jesus.

  Diadem Ministries is part of the end time Church. It is therefore part of the Church sent to usher in the second coming of our Lord Jesus. Global evangelism and discipling believers is therefore a major part of our assignment for the achievement of this purpose. Mathew 24:14.

*     We are also part of the exalted House of Judah and Zion of God, where the law and the word of God must proceed. We are therefore a Church for heights, meant for cutting-edge impacts. A voice in the socioeconomic and political affairs of the Earth while we are here. Isaiah 2:1-5, Micah 3:1-3.

*     Diadem Ministries is part of the Church sent to perfect the body of Christ in preparation for the return of the groom (Jesus Christ). We are on “mop-up operation”, taking the spots and wrinkles away from individuals and the body of Christ, through the washing of water by the word. Teaching people to live in Christ, ready for His glorious return, that we might not be ashamed when we face Him at His coming. Rightly dividing the word is therefore a serious assignment for Diadem Ministries.

Connect with Diadem in Vision

Vision is the preservative of destiny, and the pillar for relevance for every individual. Every saint is saved into purpose, personal discovery, and development. Living with a vision is therefore the right way of living.

(I)    Personalise the mission's vision and make it a way of life. Diadems must make the vision of the ministry a reality and tangible experience in their individual lives through personal pursuit and followership. Isaiah 9:8; Habakkuk 2:1-4; Proverbs 29:18.

(ii)    Give the vision a clear and very loud voice by running with it with all our individual endowment by God. Ephesians 4:10-15; Ephesians 5:26-27.

(iii)    See ourselves as part of the people called by God and sent with the vision, mandated to fulfil it, and plant it in people all over the world starting from our current position. It is right to believe in a vision but running with it is what brings fulfilment in and through our lives.

Sunday service

Our services include:

* The King's Banquet.
* The Communion services.
* Midweek Prayer Line.
* Night Of Wonders.
prayer service

Join us online

Fellowshiping together brings us closer and helps us to enjoy the coporate presence of God in the anointing. But we're also aware that you might not be able to visit our church in London every Sunday; and so we stream our services live on Facebook. 
You can now connect with us from anywhere in the world. 

Are you in Romford, Dagenham, Essex, Havering, East london or Within the M25 perimeter? Do you want to be part of God's move, or just looking for a place of worship? Join us at Diadem Church Romford, or call us on 
07484 083 638

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